Spring City Nursing Home Visit

April 30th was a beautiful day!  I brought a few of my critters to our local nursing home.  What a treat that was for the residents!  Several were able to come outside and pet and coddle Ace, Seuss, Latté or Tino.  Ace being a week old and the cutest thing was quite the hit.  He was kidnapped from me (quite the appropriate term), and went on a personal tour visiting all the bedridden residents.zi6_01011

It’s amazing how much pleasure God’s little creatures can bring to the young and old!  Of course I was invited to come again and they’re actually planning a small “field trip” to bring some of the residents to my farm.  One nice old gentleman was so excited that he just wanted to come to my farm and sit among the animals and just enjoy them.  I was so touched by their enthusiasm.

A few more pictures here.

If you have a public event that you’d like me to attend with my menagerie, please contact me so that we can make arrangements.  There is no charge for these visits unless your event is a private party.  Please call for party rates – you’ll find that I’m very reasonable!


Dreams Come True Minis Farm (little farm in the valley)

My little farm of friendly animals is open for private visits.  Please understand that this is NOT a public facility (therefore no restrooms, etc.), but if you’d like to come with your family or small group (no more than 5 at a time), please call me to make arrangements.  There is no fee but my animals appreciate healthy treats (fruits & vegetables or animal crackers!).

If you’d like, I’ll gladly interact with the children and give them basic facts about my animals and their needs & acceptable behavior.

I hope to have in the coming year a small playground/picnic area where small groups can come and enjoy a few hours in our peaceful valley while children play and interact with my friendly critters.  We may even have pony rides!

We were recently invited (and accepted), to show a few of our animals at the county fair and at the local elementary school.  It was such a pleasure to bring joy to so many little children!  We hope to do this again next year.

Most recently, we were invited to participate in Dayton’s Christmas parade and show.  Hopefully by then Boris will be ready to walk among crowds of people.  Madigan & Daisy June the mini donkeys will also be part of this event.

There is no charge for me to bring my animals to these events – as long as it’s for the children of our county’s schools, it is my pleasure to do so.

If you’d like me to attend your private events (such as birthday parties), there will be a small fee to cover gas and treats that I can provide for your guests to feed the animals.

I carry liability insurance at my farm and on location.  All of my animals are up to date on vaccinations and parasite control.  They are all clean, healthy and don’t bite. For any of my services, please contact me for arrangements.  I’m sure we can make this happen!

The most popular animals for small children are my baby goats but I can also provide cart rides with my miniature horses.   Also on the list of favorite farm buddies is Seuss, the tame Silkie Rooster and the miniature bunnies.

One of the up coming events where I have been invited this year is the Rhea County Strawberryfest.  You’ll find me and my critters set up at the county court house.  All proceeds from my booth will go to the Toys & Tots foundation organized by the staff of the Rhea County Sheriff’s department.  I have also been invited to set up at the county fair but I will be unable to attend – that date has already been reserved for another special event – my step-daughter’s wedding in Connecticut!


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  1. hannah says:

    i love the pictures!! cute goats!!

  2. scott Allen says:

    Hello miss Christine hope all is well in Tn !!!! Boris is growing up and up and up he is starting to become a camel now! he still does not like to hang out with the boys (the other camels) but he tolerates them!! and will eat with them! we used him for nativity scenes in DEC and he did well, as soon as this rain lets up we have to go back to riding him!! and to find pics from time to time thanks for selling him to us we have enjoyed him greatly thanks scott

    • Christine says:

      Scott, thank you for the follow up! It’s been nearly a year that we left Boris with you and we think of him often. He was the most FUN animal of any that I had. I miss his big goofy face and the attention he would give us. Goats, mini horses, llamas, pigs… none are attentive or affectionate as Boris was. The animals I have now really don’t relate with me at all… it’s just about being fed, it was not like that with Boris. This being said, I’ll never have another one but I’ll always cherish the experience. And I’m very happy that you have him and make him work.. like you said, “He needs a job!”.

      I just sold 2 adorable dwarf miniature horses. They were full grown & stood no higher than my knee. Beautiful little animals but very expensive to keep because of health issues. Another expensive decision that I’ll chalk up to experience! At this point I’m trying to sell most of my goats & some miniature horses… just too much work just for me – I want to concentrate on a couple of mini horses that I can train to pull a cart… that’s it.

      Thank you for staying in touch and good luck with what you do!


  3. candace says:

    i totally loved how u dyed your minis tail hot pink!! can u tell me what you used for it?

  4. Cheryl Manahan says:

    Say some where that said you had fainting goat stud service. Can you tell me what you charge and the details involved to make the arrangements-contract, or just verbal agreement.

    • Christine says:


      I used to have an excellent stud but sold him about 6 months ago! I’ll have to find that post on my website & remove it. Sorry about that!

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