Blondie & Bogart meet the farrier!

First, let me tell you a little about my farrier.  Earlier this summer I found out that my neighbor, Val is a farrier and an awesome one at that!  She’s extremely patient and always talks to the horse she’s working on.  For example, she doesn’t just pick up a horse’s foot.. she asks for it!  And she’ll rub the horse’s foot until it the horse realizes what’s being asked of him and lifts it’s foot.

Val has also been kind enough to show me how to trim my minis.  She was as patient with me as she was with the horses!  She’s owned horses for many years and I certainly consider her a horse expert.  She may not know it but she’s on my emergency contact list… our vet is about an hour away (we use the same vet, Dr. Maben Thompson from Upper Cumberland Veterinary Hospital in Crossville).

The day after Bogart & Blondie arrived I called her and arranged to have her come and take care of their first trim.  I emailed her some links from Janell Jensens website.  I wanted Val to have an idea of what needed to be done.

When Val saw my cuties I think she was taken back by their small stature and the strange way their hooves were growing.  Dr Thompson was here at the same time to evaluate my little ones & he also agreed that Bogart needed some heavy duty trimming to slowly correct the direction of the hoof growth.  Val and I agreed that she’d do a bit more research before putting a knife to their hooves.

However, she just couldn’t resist and after doing an awesome job on Blondie, she got to work on Bogart.  She just filed and “sanded” but did a great job.  The horses resisted a little to start with but when they realized that Val wasn’t about to give up, they gave in!

My husband who just recently got a Droid cell phone (has tons of awesome features), shot some video with it that streamed directly while he was shooting.

The quality of these videos is pretty good considering these videos were taken with a cell phone and were streamed live.. meaning that while the farrier was working on Blondie, anyone could have logged on to Scott’s Qik site and watched while Val was working!  I’d say these videos are pretty awesome!  I’ll try to get Scott to do some more when Bogart & Blondie are walking on pavement so you can see their little feet in action.

The video below will turn… you don’t have to adjust your monitor!  🙂

Dr. Thompson was amazed when he saw my little ones!  An avid horseman and farm veterinarian, he’d never seen Dwarfs before.  He gave them a thorough check up… all is well.  Their lungs sound fine, teeth are good, eyes bright & shiny.. the only thing that bothered him was their feet and because he had no experience with Dwarfs he was at a loss to help me.  He and Val agreed to a line of action and Val will look into the option of fitting little magic shoes.  He gave them both their 5-way shot and gave me their Potomac Horse Fever  shots to administer next week.

They also had quite a bit of debris deep within their fur.  Doc thought it was rain rot.  My donkeys had rain rot on a few areas last year & their fur had fallen out.  These little ones are pretty furry.. no loss of fur there but it just feels like chunks of crud well attached to the fur here & there.  He also suggested that if they stay furry into next summer, I should consider clipping them.

Of course, wouldn’t you know it, the doc hadn’t been gone 30 minutes and all of a sudden Blondie started to have green snot drip from one of her nostrils!  After speaking to him today he instructed me to give them 2cc of Penicillin once a day for 3 days.  He wasn’t really concerned about it unless she stopped eating.  If the vet isn’t worried, then I’m not!

Here are a few shots I took after all was said and done!  I’m glad to report that both my babies behaved very well considering they’d never had their feet even lifted off the ground.

By the way, you’ll notice that we used my goat stand to work on them!  It still was a little low but Val managed to make it work.  I’m sure I’ll be seeing Val quite a bit in the next few months!

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Bogart & Blondie, dwarf miniature horses

Last weekend I spent a few days at the Cookville Exotic Animal Auction which is held about every season.  I was hoping to acquire a bottle fed female Llama.  However, no females were available & I had been warned about bottle fed males so my visit was not fruitful… so I thought.

When I returned Friday with Scott, I found 2 little dwarf minis stalled together.  I allowed myself to enter their pen and examine them as best as I could with the little amount of knowledge that I have on these little guys.  Their legs were not bent, their hooves were relatively normal & the stallion had a slight under bite.  Oh but how cute they were!

Regardless of his small stature, the little stallion was so “studly” that he would answer to the whinny’s of the larger size horses!   He’d lift his head and practically lift his front feet off the ground the return the calls!  It was so cute (only because he’s so small).

Against my better judgment because I have at least a little knowledge of the negative aspects of owning dwarfs, I found the seller & begged him to sell me these 2 babies bypassing the auction process.   To no avail.  He had heard of a “freak” scout that was looking to purchase unusual looking animals for his traveling “circus” and like many people, dollar signs were all that mattered.

It was a long day… I returned at least 100 times to their stall to just look at them and pray that they’d find a good home.  I didn’t return Saturday for the auction…  I knew that I’d go head to head with anyone bidding on them and that’s not a good thing.  Auctions can be dangerous & I’m well aware how quickly bids can rise.   I knew I’d end up spending way more than I wanted to and way more than the value of the dwarfs.

To make an already long story short, Saturday the seller called me and offered me the dwarfs.  He was unhappy with the bidding & let me have them both for $1500.  He expected to make more than $1000 each but the auctioning held at about $1200.  He was “kind” enough to deliver them to me.  I was so happy, I cried!

This gentlemen (from Kentucky), currently has about 50 miniature horses on his farm and he claims he has between 1 & 3 dwarfs a year.   His breeding schedule should be examined to stop breeding the animals that are producing the dwarfs.  My little ones are of different mares but the same stallion… that should tell him something.  But then again, maybe the dwarfs are his cash cow.. so sad.

Bogart & Blondie arrived early Saturday evening and were lead to their new stall.  They were very skittish & not very friendly.  They are 3 & 4 months old and have probably not received too much socialization.  That’s okay… I know that within a week, they will be following me like puppies (I hope!).  I left them with a flake of fresh hay, a bucket of fresh water and quick kisses…

Blondie & Bogart

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Rhea County Pumpkinfest 2009

Friday, October 30th was overcast but warm. I had been invited to bring to our county’s Halloween celebration some animals for the children to enjoy and offer pony rides. I opted on bringing just a few goats and such as the weather was leaning on the rainy side.

The event was at the county courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee. I was too busy to check out everyone else but it appeared that there were many vendors (crafts, food, etc.). Rhea County Animal Shelter brought several adorable puppies for adoption. However the most pleasing was all of the costumed children (and many adults), walking and enjoying the warm weather.

We were ready for visitors by 1:30 and we pulled out around 7:00pm. I know that there were many disappointed children that showed up at sundown but by that time my little animals were ready to go home! It had been a very long day for them. I’m certain that more than 100 children were entertained by my goats Gracie, Bongo & Muffin. Not to mention Ms Piggy, Dr Seuss the Silkie rooster and my little Lionhead bunny.

I collected about $43 in donations which I handed over to Rocky Potter of the sheriffs department. Proceeds will go towards the Christmas Toy Drive for the children of our community.

I was very thankful for the help that I received setting up and tearing down. The volunteers were awesome and made my task so much easier! Thank you, everyone!

The weather forecasts 80% chances of rain tomorrow. If the sky stays clear, I’ll bring the miniature horses for pony rides. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

I was able to publish a few pictures of the hundreds that I took… It’s not easy to take pictures of animals in constant motion amongst excited children!

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Bichon Frisé – Lap dog or farm dog?

I’m sure you’ve read about my Bichon Frisé, Mouse. I got her because Murphy had been gone for a few months and I was ready (and needing), a sweet little house dog that had eyes for me only.

I chose to get a Bichon because they are small but sturdy (about 12 lbs max), non-shedding and totally devoted to their owner.

Well, although Mouse comes from good stock – I think she may have been a Labrador in a previous life! She loves the water, loves to romp, get dirty, play with our 120 lbs + Mastiffs, doesn’t like to cuddle, always ready to chase/fetch…. well, maybe she’ll outgrow these habits. Not that there’s anything wrong with what she does.. it’s just that it’s not what I was expecting!

I love the little hard-headed snot and she brings me & my husband great joy. Speaking of husband, did I mention that “MY” lap dog prefers Scott’s company to mine!!! Well, maybe she’ll out grow that too and learn to love the mommy more!

Saturday I brought her to the barn to see her old friend Ms Piggy! Unfortunately I didn’t have my mini cam with me but did have my handy cell phone.

The videos below are of poor quality but you’ll get the gist of what a tramp my little Mouse is!

Enjoy but please don’t write to me to talk about the quality of the videos!

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This & That on the farm

It’s been over 3 weeks since my last post.  Of course there’s always something interesting going on here.  Let’s see…

I had decided that Ziggy (the Zebu), needed more attention than I was giving him.  He was “shacking” up with my 3 young Billy goats & being much bigger than they are, he was definitely the “odd man out”.  I felt sad for him – every morning when I brought in their feed, he’d rub all over me and run around like an excited puppy!

I put a few ads out for him and wow!!!!  The phone never stopped ringing and the emails poured in!  I could have sold 10 Zebus!  I didn’t want to over price him but I wanted him to find his “forevB 8er” home soon.

He was purchased by Ms Pryse in Lenoir City, TN.  I believe he’ll be happy at her farm with her family & their horses.  Ms Pryse also purchased Buttons, my 6 month old filly.  Buttons was by herself in her pasture & I either had to find a buddy for her of her age or sell her to someone who’d work with her and give her the attention she too needed.


Our county (Rhea County), has annual fair and I was invited to bring my petting farm or to offer pony rides with my new set up.  Tuesday, September 9th I spent the afternoon offering rides on Coquette, Ol’Blue, Buddy & Toffee with my beautiful blue & yellow carousel.  Toffee being less than 2 years old can’t bear the acceptable 60 lbs child but could carry babies 25lbs & less.

My mini horses performed like pros!  Everything went very well although it took a few turns for them to fully understand what was expected of them.  Towards the end of the event, we got really busy & Toffee had no “clients” but there were several children in line.  That’s when I realized that I needed another full size miniature horse.

I found “Glory” in Corryton, Zi6_0699TN on Wednesday but she needed to integrate the herd & of course get some carousel training.  She’s a beautiful 8 year old mare but is a little shy and spooks a little bit also.  I’m not really concerned about it, she’ll adapt and will do very well.

The herd is not being all that kind to her but that’s how it is in the horse world.  Toffee is sharing her hay flake & so is Ol’Blue & Buddy is very aloof but of course, Ms Coquette is a complete witch with her!  Coquette is the “boss” and makes sure everyone knows it.  As a matter of fact, I happened to be between her & Buddy at an inopportune time & have 3 huge bruises on my legs.   I don’t really know how I got 3 bruises as there were only 2 kicks but  I have proof!

When we returned Saturday, we didn’t bring Toffee but brought Madigan, one of our miniature donkeys.  Well, horses just go round and round and look at the ground and don’t question what you ask of them but donkeys are another beast!  Madigan wanted to check everything out, verify where all the sounds came from, lifted her head trying to look over everything…  not good for doing rides.  Not to mention that Madigan didn’t want to stop and go… she just wanted to go, go, go!

Well, that didn’t last long so we just put Madigan in the trailer (it was only for a couple of hours, max).  She wasn’t very happy about that and certainly let us all know she was in there!  We all heard her pathetic braying!

Now I have to practice a little more with Glory, the new mare and make sure everyone knows their places.

I’m very proud of my herd.  We hadn’t been practicing very long and Tuesday was the first time they’d been exposed to a large group in entirely new surroundings.  I feel very blessed to have each and everyone of my animals!  I’ve learned that if you’re patient and kind, you can get your little animals to do pretty much anything that you ask of them.  As long as you’re reasonable in your demands & expectations.

I’ve been pouring over several books on horse training and unfortunately there really is not much out there that addresses miniature horses but ground training is basically the same.  One particular phrase sticks with me, “Train with your brain, not a two by four!”

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Meet Ms. Piggy!

Last week I got a call from a guy looking for a home for little Pot Belly Pig he purchased at the flea market. This little girl was home raised and had never set foot in a barn!


When I saw her tied with a 3 foot long wire to a post in a very dirty environment I just had to take her… even if it meant to try to find her another home later on. The fellow who had temporarily adopted her meant well but obviously regards little creatures as nothing more than something cute with which he can make a quick buck!

I brought her home to the house and introduced her to Mouse. Mouse loved her immediately (I’m not sure the feeling was mutual…)

Ms Piggy didn’t seem to be concerned with this 7 lbs fluff of white fur jumping all over the place – I think all Ms Piggy wanted was FOOD!!!

We quickly realized that Ms Piggy would have to accept being a barn animal – she probably would have made a good house pet except that Mouse couldn’t resist rolling in pig poop! That wouldn’t do! They definitely could not share Poopoo/Weewee pads!

I brought Ms Piggy to the barn where she quickly established her little routine – she loves being out and rooting and making a mess of things! The goats don’t know what to make of her and Lulu (big sow), doesn’t want her anywhere near her! As for Grumpy, I don’t think he’s even aware of a relative in his proximity!

She follows me around and loves to have her belly scratched! When you start petting/scratching her, she just falls on her side, closes her eyes and grunts happily!

I’ll try to make sure this one doesn’t follow in Lulu’s footsteps to become one mean, old, overweight, unfriendly, miserable sow!

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My adorable Mini horses

All of my farm animals are special to me but I have to admit.. my mini horses are my favorite!

I recently acquired a used pony carousel & had it “cut to size” – it was built for larger horses.  Every day (that it’s not too hot out), I work the minis on it along with Madigan, the miniature donkey.  She loves to be ridden and most kids are excited about riding a donkey!

The important thing I learned is to train a “lead” pony – one that will take control and will drive the wheel for the others to just follow.  I think Buddy will make a great lead pony and I’m working with him every day.

I might be set up at the Rhea County Fair on September 7th & 11.  If I do set up, I’ll have a special treat for the kids.  This morning I bathed Coquette – who probably had never been washed in her life!  She did very well and I managed to keep her under control providing I had treats to occupy her mind.

It’s amazing how white & soft she turned out to be!  As aLike my tail? special effect, I dyed her tail pink!  I planned on doing her mane also but the weather didn’t cooperate.

Later on I bathed Buddy – he gave me a little bit of a harder time but we managed to get him nice and shiny.

Just as I was getting finished, we got hit by a huge storm!  In seconds I was wetter than Buddy!  We ran to the tool shed and stayed under cover for a bit – the rain didn’t bother Buddy at all… it was bothering me!

I managed to get his mane & tail untangled and nicely combed – he looks like a different horse!

All this time Old Blue was hanging around looking at me as if asking, “Am I next?”  I get around to her tomorrow!

Once I have every one shiny clean (it doesn’t last… Coquette rolled in the dirt before I had the gate locked behind her), we’ll work on the carousel!

I think bathing horses is a weekly chore if you want to show clean animals!

While on the subject of myFillys mini horses, I’ve decided to try and sell Toffee & Buttons.  If Buttons sells first, I may end up keeping Toffee – she still has a good 18 months before I can use her as a carousel pony but I think she may turn out to be a good driving pony.  We’ll see what happens!

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Crazy Goat Lady on Facebook

Some may have noticed that I removed the “Forum” option from my website.

I wasn’t getting any cwork_computerisationontributions and it just became something else for me to manage.  Then I had some “fans” who were sending me pics and there was no way for me to post them without spending huge amounts of time formatting and stuff.  I was just wracking my brain trying to figure an easy way to do this!

A week or so ago my smart (& handsome), husband created a Facebook account for our business… (light bulb coming on)…facebook

So here it is!  Crazy Goat Lady now has a Facebook fan page!

You’ll need a Facebook account to get started – so, if you have one, just click the Facebook link on the right hand side of my website & you’ll be right there!

I think using the Facebook  “discussions” tab will be an easier way to get input and put out ideas than it was with my forum.

If you think there’s anything else that I can do to improve my site or the contents, please let me know.  I’m always open to new ideas.


The Crazy Goat Lady!

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August update

So much has happened at the farm since the beginning of the summer!  I always have every intention of posting all that goes on but then life happens and you just have to follow the current & do what needs to be done at that time.  So of course, the farm being a hobby, my business & my “wifely” obligations come first (not necessarily in that order!).   You know what I mean!  There are things at the office that only I can handle & because Boogey Lights pays for my hobby, then of course I must fulfill those obligations first (if I want my critters to eat).  Then there’s my life at home with my husband.  Cleaning, cooking (not my favorite thing), laundry ( my favorite thing – no kidding).  So here’s an update…

We had bunches of kids this year – here they are in the order of their arrival!

Oreo begat  Tino (buck)  & Tina (doe) 2/14 My first set of twins!

Bambi begat Ace (buck) 4/23 Tim got to the birthing minutes after Ace arrived

Cocoa begat Pepper (doe) 4/30  Got to the farm & there was Pepper!

Chausette begat Gizmo (doe) 5/25 Another surprise birth.

Brownie begat Deuce (buck) 6/11 One minute Brownies pregnant, the next, she’s not!

Boo begat Herman (buck) & Peewee (doe) 6/14 Helped Boo a little with PeeWee

Blacky begat Sammi (buck) & Sadie (doe) 6/22 Second set of twins for her!

Noel begat Puck (buck), Tessa & Terra (does) 6/24 First set of triplets, no help needed!

Molly begat Muffin (buck) 7/3 Uneventful birth!Kids

Total count 7 bucks & 7 does!  50/50 NOT BAD!!

Most are sold – I’m keeping Herman & Deuce as future herd sires.  Muffin is unique as his mom is a full blooded registered Tennessee Fainting goat with a 6 on the fainting scale.  However Muffin doesn’t faint.. at all.  So he’s just going to be a big pygmy mix.  Oh well.  As for the does, I’ve only kept Pepper & PeeWee.

Next breeding isn’t until the end of September & by then I’ll have 14 does ready to breed that should all kid during the month of February.  At that time, Pepper & PeeWee will be ready to breed & that will bring more kids for the end of July.  Herman & Deuce have their work cut out for them!

Ziggy the Zebu is doing well… he’s turned out to be just an expensive lawn ornament.  He’s a good guy, very loving and friendly (to me only), except if I have a rope in my hand.  He will not come anywhere near me if he thinks I’m going to try to catch him.  Otherwise he’s one big puppy dog!  He loves to lick me (must be the salty sweat)… picture a 6 inch long cat tongue… that’s what his tongue is like and when he licks, trust me, it doesn’t feel good!  But he’s fat & happy and that’s all that matters.  He’s my only critter that doesn’t have a buddy.

The 3 amigo Llamas are doing fine.  Stormy is the boss, followed by Big AlMajor.  Big Al is definitely the follower even if he’s much bigger than the 2 others.  All 3 are very patient with the kids and let them jump all over them.  Now if I can only get Major to use the common dung pile and stop pooping in the barn area!

Dr. Seuss the Silkie rooster has 2 buddies –  2 white Silkies.  We’ve yet to determine if they’re hens or roosters but all three hang together & god forbid they’d mingle with the “commoners”!  As for the rest of the chickens (Bantam Cochins), I have 3 hens & one rooster Seussleft from the original 25 that I bought but we have about 15 chicks running around the farm.

One of our ducks sat on a clutch of eggs for about 40 days.  Finally 6 little ducklings emerged!  One egg had been rolled aside but I gently peeled the shell and released the little duckling.  I kept it under a heat lamp for a day and then brought it back to mom who gladly accepted it.  Sadly, we had a snapping turtle in the pond that killed 5 of the ducklings within 5 days.  We’ve since captured the evil critter and it was humanely disposed.  Only 2 ducklings survived, one being the little one that I rescued.  The other 4 ducks are like aunts & uncles to the little ones.. they always travel in a group and they are so cute to watch!  I pity anyone or anything that tries to get near the little ones.. mom is ferocious!

Lulu & Grumpy the Pot Belly Pigs are getting old together.  Although he’s friendly, he’s always grumbling and bears many scars from trying to befriend old Lulu.  They each have their own Dogloo and old blanket and they get along long enough to eat from the same big pan but that’s as close as they’re going to get to each other.  They didn’t have the Dogloos this past winter and so they did snuggle together in the shed – but that was to conserve their heat…  no love there – maybe from Grumpy but certainly not from Lulu.

Latté the crippled bunny manages to get around just fine!  Also found out that her buddy the Lionhead is a little buck – not a doe like I originally thought.  She’s got a nesting box but I don’t know if Lionhead’s been able to breed her… she’s at least twice as big as he is.  Flopsy & Fluffy have another litter of week only bunnies… only 3 this time and I hope to have more does to keep than I did from the last litter in March.

My peacocks flew away from the farm earlier this summer.  Mr. P left first and Mrs. P disappeared a few days later.  My neighbor about half a mile away through the woods had Mr. P in her chicken coop one day but he didn’t stick around long enough for me to go catch him.  I hope they have a nice life together in the woods and that they didn’t get eaten by something.

Madigan & Daisy June the miniature donkeys are always a joy to be around.  Of course Maddy’s the boss & DJ just tags along.  We discovered thZi6_0564at Maddy loves to be saddled & ridden but DJ will have nothing of it.  To this day it’s very hard to separate them.  DJ will heehaw non-stop if I take Maddy away from her.  I’m in the process of training all my minis to operate a pony carousel for rides… Maddy does really well & I think is very content to be away from her constant shadow!  Our next project is to get a little Jack here for a month to breed these two.  They’re quite ready but am I?  We’ll see!

A month or so ago we opened up a new field/pasture for the miniature horses.  They’re now on the back part of our property and have about 7 acres of fenced pasture to run around it.  They absolutely love it!

Toffee (my first mini), turned a year old in June and is a stunning little filly.  Old Blue is still fat & gentle and may be pregnant.  I drove her several times early in the summer and she does well but doesn’t care to run too much.  She breathes very heavily all the time and although I know she’s healthy, it bothers me to hear her breathe like that.  I’ll have the vet come by in the near future to perform an ultra-sound to confirm if she’s pregnant or not.  Buddy has also filled in and is a beautiful gelding.  He enjoys being ridden but doesn’t do too well pulling a cart.  He has only one speed & that’s slow… very slow!  My lovely Coquette is still a bit cautious and very protective of her adorable little Buttons.  She only tolerates Toffee around her and will turn and kick any of the others that come too close.  it’s time to wean so I moved Buttons to the goat area for a while and that should help Coquette with her protection issues.  Buttons is not alone, she’s with her good friend Toffee.  I’ve driven Coquette only once & I think we were doing good but I got a flat on my cart & wasn’t able to ride at all!  She too should be pregnant… we’ll have her checked out also.

Our dogs, Sheba the German Shepard is getting older & shedding like crazy… Taz the Chihuahua is enjoying life and staying out of Sheba’s way… Angel the pound hound is fat and still always looking for food and Mandy the mixed Min Pin, well Mandy is still a weird ugly little dog.  As for Sola the Siamese cat, she’s still the queen & Minou the Siamese wannabee hunts all night and sleeps in a box somewhere in the shop all day.

Our Fila Brazilieros, Diesel & Beulah continue to enjoy being the house guard dogs.  They’re always on patrol and now have something else to watch out for… Mouse, our fearless 5 lbs Bichon Frisé puppy! Mouse Mouse just loves to hang out with the big dogs and has absolutely no fear of them.  She respects them but they have no clue what to do with her.  I’m not sure they even realize she’s one of them!  Either one of them could easily & quickly make an appetizer out of her but they’ve accepted her quite well.   As long as she stays out of Diesel’s dog house, they’re okay!

I think I’m now up to date with what’s been going on here these last few months.  My current project (if the weather can cool down some), is training Madigan, Old Blue, Buddy & Coquette to work together on the carousel.  There are a few events coming that I’d love to offer pony rides.  But we’ll have to see how this goes – I can’t risk hurting anyone with an animal that’s not ready.  I also want to work with Coquette and my little cart.  I think she’ll do well.. we just need to work on it!

So there you go my friends!  Stay in touch!

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New Llama buddies… Major & Big Al

After we sadly lost Little D to an unfortunate accident (read prior post), we thought Stormy looked lost and lonely.  Through Carol from Wolf Creek Farms we were able to acquire 2 beautiful gelded males from a friend of hers, Val Carmichael of Agape Lland Llamas

The big one (and I mean BIG!), is called Big Al for short.  His registerd name is Cabernet’s Alluvium Blanc.  His younger companion is Major Deal.  He’s much smaller (smaller than Stormy), but he bosses Big Al.Major 2

Stormy wasn’t excited about having buddies.  He really didn’t pay any attention to them except to stand on the rock pile and paw and make a little noise.  I think he just wanted Major to know that he ruled here and that he’d better not try to take charge!Zi6_0544

About a week after they got here, I saw Stormy & Major “fight”… it wasn’t really violet – just some neck swinging and bitting of the front legs.  Stormy won and now who’s in charge is no longer questionned.

However, Big Al continues to get dominated by Major.  Stormy really doesn’t bother with Al at all.  I have Major & Stormy eat in the catch pen and let Big Al stay out in the yard to eat.  Otherwise he doesn’t get to finish his bowl.. one of the other guys usually bullies him away from his dish.

We’re tempted to change Big Al’s name to “Hummer”.  He constantly hums! It’s not annoying or anything like that but just makes me wonder why he does it.  He’s big but he’s very gentle.. as a matter of fact, if he walks by me I can reach out and pet him and he doesn’t leap away.Big Al

Major has followed Stormy out of the main yard into the larger pasture on the hill but Big Al just stays behind – he doesn’t venture out at all.  Although he won’t follow his buddies out of the main yard, he does keep a constant eye out for them.

All Llamas

All three of these guys are a joy to keep!

They’re quiet, eat very little and are beautiful to watch with their graceful movements.  It’s too bad that they don’t let themselvesbe cuddled… they’re so soft and their eyes are huge and kind looking!

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