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I suspect you came across this site as you were looking for information to help you with an immediate need.  Sadly, I don’t respond quickly enough to your comments to be of any help.

If you need an answer rather rapidly, please check out the Crazy Goat Lady Facebook…  there’s usually someone there that can reply to your query.  The link is to your right… just click on it & it will take your right where you need to be.

Otherwise, here is an excellent online resource for all of your goat needs – this site is very complete… be sure to set aside some time and get comfy – you’ll learn more about your goats on Molly’s website than you ever thought possible.

There are also many other helpful links right here on this page… just scroll to the bottom, on your right side.

Just remember that goats have been having kids on their own without our help for centuries!  Just be patient & once the kids show up, enjoy them ’cause they don’t stay little & cute for long!

I appreciate you trusting me to help you & I thank you for your confidence!

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