Moving on…

My husband & I have decided that it is also time to downsize our home.  Although we’re both young (56 & 53), this huge property will soon be too much for us to maintain.  Both physically & financially.  We’ve decided to put our property on the market & when it sells, we’ll be looking for something much smaller, easier to maintain & keep up with.

Things happen in the course of a life.  We have 3 beautiful grand children in Pennsylvania.  Sadly we only see them a few times a year.  We have 2 more in the Philippines that we’ve not seen in more than a year.  My daughter in Canada will bless us with a grand daughter in April.  As I grow older I realize that I want to spend more and more time with our children & grand children.  With everyone being so scattered, that involves a lot of traveling.. being away from our dogs, cat & farm animals.

This is a matter that is heavy on my heart.  I have a beautiful herd of 6 pet goats, 2 extremely friendly miniature horses & two llamas that work very hard at being attractive lawn ornaments… sadly, in the near future I’ll be looking for homes for them also.

I feel so blessed to have been able to fulfill a life-long dream.  I’d wanted a small farm ever since I can remember.  As a child my favorite toy was a plastic farm with little plastic animals, fences & fake ponds.  At the end of 2007 I was able to start living that dream & I can say that since then, every single molecule of my dream was fulfilled.  I owned a camel (how cool is that?), horses – one almost 1000 pounds & two dwarfs that weighed less than 50 pounds!  I’ve had various breeds of goats, miniature donkeys, peacocks, turkeys even a Zebu (miniature steer)!

I’ve had the miracle of birth literally fall into my hands – I was present at almost all of my goats’ births.  At the other end of the spectrum I’ve had goats breathe their last breaths as I held them.  I had the most beautiful & gentle llama die with his head cradled in my arms… Over a hundred little chicks were born here – only a handful of them are still around.  I rescued a “retarded” Boer/Nubian kid & not only did I have to bottle feed her, I also had to put food in her mouth & make her “understand” chewing.  Annabelle is still around & has a normal little yearling doe!

On a lighter side I’ve transported a gazillion bags of feed from the back of my little truck to my bins inside the barn.  I’ve mucked out the goat shed too often to count.   I’ve often wondered if it was normal to pay someone to clean my house while I cleaned the barn 🙂

I’ve had the immense joy of bringing my crazy lot to various community events.  I’ve seen children’s faces light up as they rode my little pony with the pink tail!  I’ve seen mentally challenged seniors cry tears of joy as they held and cuddled a day old kid goat!

Every day I thank the Lord for all the blessings he has showered upon me & my husband.  I feel that I have been privileged to have had this immense opportunity to share my life with all of these beautiful creatures.  Each miracle of life reminded me of God’s presence in this world.  I am always in awe of the beauty, serenity & peacefulness in this valley – an small example of God’s goodness & greatness.

Although I know that without God, this beautiful dream would never have come to fulfillment but my husband Scott is also a big part of this “dream come true”.  Without his cooperation and faith in me, none of this could have come together.  Throughout this entire process from using the property for the farm, to picking up animals 2 hours away, Scott has always been by my side & supported (sometimes more, sometimes less :-)) each of my “farm” decisions.  He’s also kept me grounded & level headed as I would often come up with hair brained ideas & thankfully he was there to talk sense in me, the Crazy Goat Lady! And most importantly, he never complained about the size of the feed bill!

The internet has also played a big part of my farm life.  Being able to “blog” and share my thoughts & experiences has been wonderful.  It’s also been very satisfying to know that people were actually interested in what I do for fun!  I’ve also been able to help a few people – mostly by guiding them to the right source and others just by being kind during difficult & emotional times.  What a beautiful thing technology is!  Bringing people together that would never in million years have the opportunity to share thoughts & ideas.  I’ve made friends as far away as Alaska & as close as 20 miles up the hill… all through my blog & Facebook.  You have to admit, that’s awesome!

I believe our home has always been a place of interest for our family, friends & grand children but I’m confident that when the time comes to choose a new place, we’ll find a home that will always be warm & welcoming.  There will not be silly goats to laugh at, odd looking llamas or frizzled chickens running around excitedly.  But Scott & I will be there with everything we have to offer.  I trust that the Lord will continue to bless us in many ways & we look forward to sharing all that we have.

I’m not saying “good-bye” yet.  It may take a year or more before it does happen.  In the meantime I will continue to enjoy my little farm & our house pets and you, my “cyber” friend!

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16 Responses to Moving on…

  1. Kian says:

    I just found your website while researching goats. I am 53 and just starting a little farm of my own. My hubby and I had a farm years ago but ended up living in the suburbs while we raised our family. We are just getting started the second time while your downsizing. We bought a little hobby farm with a 1.25 acres. I recently purchased my little goat, a little golden Nigerian. She thinks she is a dog! I also have 2 mini donkeys to start with. It’s great to live the dream. My hubby calls me the “crazy goat lady” to! I’m looking to expand little by little, what a great life! I look forward to reading your site and learning lots.

    • Christine says:

      Kian, welcome to the world of hobby farming! I’m sure you’ll find great pleasure in your little animals – I know I did until my beautiful grand kids came along!

      I also have a Facebook page where a bunch of like minded people like to post & answer all kinds of questions you may have. Please “like” it & contribute your experiences.

      Good luck & have fun!

  2. Goat Mom says:

    Just found your blog and can oh so relate. We are 54 and 67 and have been enjoying our farm dream for the past 11 years! At first it was nothing to milk 2-3 does, process the milk and then go work all day as a nurse!!! Oh for that energy now. Yes, I supplied all our milk, yogurt and cheese for 5 years and hit or miss these last 6. We thank the Lord for the blessing of these years but can see they will end. So were enjoying what maybe the last 5 kids born here. I took 2 in visit the residents at the Nursing home I work at. We may have to leave our dream but how many ever get to live theres even for a little while.

    • Christine says:

      Goat Mom, you’re so right! I’ve lived my dream, shared it with others & now I am ready to move on. All my animals were given the best of care, food & medical attention if needed. They have served their purpose & will be rewarded with the best possible “next home”. No one will go where I don’t think is perfect for them – that’s my story & I’m sticking to it! God Bless you lady!

  3. Patricia Trejo says:

    It has truly been a blessing to come in contact with you. You are a blessing from God in alot of ways. Thanks for all the help that you have given me with my animals, there were times that without you I would have went crazy. lol I am so happy that you and Scott are able to live out your dream. Enjoy the grand babies and keep doing what you do best, inspiring and blessing people everywhere you go!!!!! Thank you for everything.

    • Christine says:

      Thank you Patricia, you’re very sweet! I’ll still be around – if I can help with anything, holler!

  4. Michele says:

    This is the first day that I found your blog, and I am saddened to see you will be soon leaving your farm. We just bought ours about a year and a half ago and are on the beginning end of this adventure. I have two goats that I purchased who will be kidding soon, and your advice is wonderful. I have watched every video attached. I wish you great luck and will follow your blog as it leads you through this next year. God Bless!

    • Christine says:

      Michele, thank you for your kind words! I remember how excited I was when I first got my first 3 little Pygmys! Then 4, then 5 then it jumped to 13! Goats are cool & always interesting. I will miss all of their antics (of course, I’m not gone yet, so I still get to enjoy them daily). My advice if I may… keep your numbers down & don’t bring in any kids from places you’re not familiar with! Have fun & thanks for writing!

  5. Mike Henry says:

    I do not think I have ever read something that made me so sad and so happy at the same time. Whatever you and Scott do in your next life adventure, do not stop writing. I know you have been told by others, but I want to tell you that you have a wonderful, personal flare for writing. It does not even matter what the subject. I also know that you will need an “animal fix” from time to time when you leave your farm. When you and Scott make your trip to Alaska you can always get a fix at the Red Fence Farm in Palmer, AK. We would sincerely love to have you. (we’ll put you to work building milkers) Ha! Your friend Mike.

    • Christine says:

      Hi Mike! Thanks for your words of appreciation! I’ll always write – I find it a perfect outlet for “thoughts sometimes too difficult for words”. I’ll miss my animals for sure but I’m such a worry wart about them that I think it will be easier for me to not know what’s going on than to be elsewhere & worry that my husband is not feeding/tending/cleaning, my way! All my farm pets are super tame & I know they’ll have a good home wherever they go. Too bad you’re so far… I’m sure you could handle a few more, right? (wink, wink). I’ve enjoyed this friendship with you & I plan to continue all my cyber friendships – and maybe someday we will end up in Palmer, Alaska helping your elves build more milkers!

  6. Donna Overton says:

    Oh Christine I understand your reasons you have been so fortunate you are living my dream actually. My two boys I got last year from you are so wonderful I was going to see if you have a little girl this year. I wish you the best in your new life. But will sure miss your stories.

    • Christine says:

      Donna, I have 3 does that are due in April – but I’m hoping to find a home for them before they kid – I’ll be in Canada for a while with my daughter & 1st grand child (due April 15). I hate leaving that responsibility to my husband – goats really aren’t his thing! I do have an adorable 2 year old very small Pygmy doe (Gracie) that cannot be bred because she had a C-Section in 2009… very sweet & friendly… As for dreams, don’t stop having them – it took me over 40 years to attain them!

      • That was such a nice reminder of what a blessing it is to have our animals! I saw in a reply that you were looking for homes for some does due in April. If they’re Pygmys or Dwarfs please contact me. I’ve been waiting for this spring to see about getting in touch with you anyway because I’m really in love with some of your goats and was hoping to get at least one kid when you were ready to sell again!

        • Christine says:

          Hi Christy, thanks for writing! I only have one Pygmy goat that is pregnant & that is Sweety – she’s a little gray agouti. Last spring she had triplet bucklings.. teeny, tiny little things! She has a barn mate, her daughter Gracie from a few years ago that I won’t breed because of a previous C-Section delivery. Vet says she’s okay but I didn’t want to take a chance. Although Sweety is the herd doe, both are sweet & very friendly & are always together. Gracie (almost all white) is over 2 years old but occasionally nurses from Sweety.. In this pic, , Gracie & 2 of her bucklings from this past spring. Please call me if you’re interested! (423) 413 4088

  7. It will be a very sad day when it comes. We know this was an extremely hard decision indeed. You will both be very missed down in the valley. However with technology, no matter where you go we know we can stay in touch. Blessings to all of you.
    My & T

    • Christine says:

      Tina, I know you’re kind of a ways off but if you’d like to use my barn & pasture facilities, let me know. They’re not getting much use now anyhow…. Thanks for the kind words & YAY for technology!

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