Pet Peeves – Round 1

Public Toilets

Some are so tiny that you have to straddle the commode to be able to close the door behind you.  Some have walls so low that you can carry on a face to face conversation with the lady next to you (dead serious – Barefoot Landing, Myrtle Beach, SC).

Whats up with public restroom sign that has also lists Braille…  ever see a blind person feeling doors to know what’s behind?

Don’t you love those paper toilet seat covers?  What about places that have kept the dispensers but haven’t filled them since 1970!

Why are all public toilet seats split right in the front?  What’s the science behind that?

Ever do a courtesy flush and have your derrière soaking wet from the spray?  Some of these public toilets should have a sign “Redneck Bidet”.

No handbag hook…  do you really think I’m going to put my handbag on the floor in a public bathroom?  Since mine doesn’t have a shoulder strap, I’ve had to hold mine with my teeth while doing my business…

Eight toilet stalls… not one of them flushed – what da heck?  I guess some women do the “Pee & Flee”

Talk about modern commodities… what’s up with those electronic water/soap dispensers.  Ever do the sink shuffle?  Gotta get it just right & if you’re lucky, 3 teaspoons of water will pour out all at once – all you need to rinse a pea size drop of hand soap, right?

Paper towel dispensers… love those new electronic ones where you wave your hand in front of it & “Bingo”… 3 inches of paper magically pours out.  Allow 3 to 5 minutes to have enough paper to dry your hands.  Who am I kidding?  The fastest way to dry my hands is wipe them on my legs!

My all time favorite is the humongous cylindrical paper towel dispenser at Walmart….  you pull the paper out from the middle bottom…. you can easily pull out 10 feet of paper – all curled up the size of a pencil!

Some airports now have these devices where you put your hand in and a suction system literally sucks the water off your hands.  I had to pull out a little old lady from one of those – scared the crap out of her.. good thing we were in a bathroom!

Who remembers the endless cotton towel dispenser?  Where the towel went around and returned?  I guess back then we weren’t so concerned with germs!

Now here’s where I get serious…

What’s up with toilet paper dispensers in public bathrooms?  Who planned the location of these things?  Had to be men that had no idea that women have to sit to relieve themselves!  Here are my findings…

Most dispensers are so low to the ground that you almost fall off the seat leaning forward so much to be able to reach under and find that flimsy edge and pull out a few sheets.  Just when you finally have “the edge” the paper is so cheap it tears & you have to start all over again.

Some of these huge devices are set right next to the seat – so when you sit, you can actually use the thing as an arm rest – forget about trying to pull sheets out… time to squeeze & shake!

Then there’s the dispenser that’s mounted right over the handicapped railing.  So you have to squeeze your hand up between the rail & the box to reach in and grab that sheet of paper.  Small hands a must.

My other favorite is the dispenser that’s designed to provide only 2 squares at a time… the roller thing doesn’t roll at all so the paper tears at every 2 sheets.  Allow 5 to 10 minutes just to pull out enough paper for a decent wipe.

Oh but don’t you hate it when you don’t check if there IS paper before you get comfy?  Men have no idea how good they have it!

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