Crazy Goat Lady’s Pet Peeves

We all have them – sometimes situations make us aware of new ones.  Most of the time I don’t even think about such things unless I’m confronted with an issue that really drives me bananas!  I usually don’t think about it more than a few seconds but lately I find myself getting easily aggravated.  It’s not that I “sweat the small stuff” – I guess I’m just more aware of my environment.

Since this website is about my pets, I’ll be having a weekly segment on various Pet Peeves.  Pets aren’t always cute, cuddly & lovable.  Sometimes they drive us nuts!  Something that pushes my buttons might not even fluff your feathers!  Ever wonder if you PP’s are unique or if others share them?  We will find out soon enough!

Your contributions will be greatly appreciated so, email me what bugs you and let me know if you want your information to be kept private or not.  If you’ve got an accompanying photo, please provide that also.

Looking forward to reading all about what bugs you! In the meantime, stick around and find out what bugs me!  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll find out that we have a lot more in common!

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