Kids, kids & more kids!

These last 3 weeks have been pretty busy here at the farm.   It seems like every other day one of my does was popping kids!  Late this afternoon Sweety ended the kidding spree.  Let’s see where we are at…

04/26/10 Sweety (3)

1) Buckling mostly black 1) Buckling mostly white 1) Buckling mostly grey

04/25/10 Cocoa (1)

1) Buckling, gray black & white

04/24/10 PeeWee (1)

1) Buckling black & white

04/23/10 Gracie (1, almost!)

1) Buckling, C-Section.. deceased

04/22/10 Brownie (1)

1) Doeling brown with black trim

04/18/10 Oreo (2)

1) Buckling Black & White (Jethro) 1) Doe all black with tiny white spot on forehead (Twiggy)

04/14/10 Annabelle (Nubian Boer Cross) (1)

1) Doeling almost all white (Pebbles)

04/13/10 Chausette (3)

1) Buckling mostly brown 1) Doe mostly brown 1) Doe mostly white with brown spots

04/11/10 Noel (2)

1) Buckling white with brown spots 1) Buckling brown with black trim

04/04/10 Molly (Myotonic Fainting goat) (2)

1) Doeling tri color (Easter) 1) Doeling, brown & white (Lilly)

Final count… bucklings (live) 9, Doelings 7… not too bad, could have been worse!

I have one doe left, Pepper (Cocoa’s daughter from January ’09) that may be pregnant but wouldn’t be due until September.  Now I have to name all these little stinkers!  Suggestions welcomed.. I’m all out of ideas!  Later this week I’ll get my hubby to help me and we’ll take individual identifying pictures.

Since I’m on the subject of counting, how many goats do I have?  Well, besides these 11 does, I have 1 breeding Pygmy/Nigerian breeding buck Billy, 1 Nubian/Boer cross wether, Bongo & Herman, one teeny, tiny wether Nigerian Dwarf.  Total 14 adult goats & 16 kids!  Geez! No wonder Danny at the feed store loves to see me pull up!

Did I mention that earlier this week & bought a little feeder pig?  I purchased a 6 week old Hamshire/Yorkshire cross sow (Pickles), that we’ll feed & love for about 16 weeks.. then we’ll eat her.  There’s no other way to put it… if it’s anything like eating locally raised beef, these pork chops should be awesome!

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