Rhea County Pumpkinfest 2009

Friday, October 30th was overcast but warm. I had been invited to bring to our county’s Halloween celebration some animals for the children to enjoy and offer pony rides. I opted on bringing just a few goats and such as the weather was leaning on the rainy side.

The event was at the county courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee. I was too busy to check out everyone else but it appeared that there were many vendors (crafts, food, etc.). Rhea County Animal Shelter brought several adorable puppies for adoption. However the most pleasing was all of the costumed children (and many adults), walking and enjoying the warm weather.

We were ready for visitors by 1:30 and we pulled out around 7:00pm. I know that there were many disappointed children that showed up at sundown but by that time my little animals were ready to go home! It had been a very long day for them. I’m certain that more than 100 children were entertained by my goats Gracie, Bongo & Muffin. Not to mention Ms Piggy, Dr Seuss the Silkie rooster and my little Lionhead bunny.

I collected about $43 in donations which I handed over to Rocky Potter of the sheriffs department. Proceeds will go towards the Christmas Toy Drive for the children of our community.

I was very thankful for the help that I received setting up and tearing down. The volunteers were awesome and made my task so much easier! Thank you, everyone!

The weather forecasts 80% chances of rain tomorrow. If the sky stays clear, I’ll bring the miniature horses for pony rides. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

I was able to publish a few pictures of the hundreds that I took… It’s not easy to take pictures of animals in constant motion amongst excited children!

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