Bichon Frisé – Lap dog or farm dog?

I’m sure you’ve read about my Bichon Frisé, Mouse. I got her because Murphy had been gone for a few months and I was ready (and needing), a sweet little house dog that had eyes for me only.

I chose to get a Bichon because they are small but sturdy (about 12 lbs max), non-shedding and totally devoted to their owner.

Well, although Mouse comes from good stock – I think she may have been a Labrador in a previous life! She loves the water, loves to romp, get dirty, play with our 120 lbs + Mastiffs, doesn’t like to cuddle, always ready to chase/fetch…. well, maybe she’ll outgrow these habits. Not that there’s anything wrong with what she does.. it’s just that it’s not what I was expecting!

I love the little hard-headed snot and she brings me & my husband great joy. Speaking of husband, did I mention that “MY” lap dog prefers Scott’s company to mine!!! Well, maybe she’ll out grow that too and learn to love the mommy more!

Saturday I brought her to the barn to see her old friend Ms Piggy! Unfortunately I didn’t have my mini cam with me but did have my handy cell phone.

The videos below are of poor quality but you’ll get the gist of what a tramp my little Mouse is!

Enjoy but please don’t write to me to talk about the quality of the videos!

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2 Responses to Bichon Frisé – Lap dog or farm dog?

  1. Des says:

    LOL So cute and funny at the same time. The one where Mouse follows the Piggy around totally cracked me up. Mouse might not be what you expected, but she sure is unique.

    • Christine says:

      Hey thanks for commenting! I’ve accepted that my Bichon is who she is & somehow we ended up together for a purpose. Maybe it’s because she’s just like me! I’m certainly not the “froufrou” type & she isn’t either. I love the little snot and let her live her life as a tough little dog!

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