New Llama buddies… Major & Big Al

After we sadly lost Little D to an unfortunate accident (read prior post), we thought Stormy looked lost and lonely.  Through Carol from Wolf Creek Farms we were able to acquire 2 beautiful gelded males from a friend of hers, Val Carmichael of Agape Lland Llamas

The big one (and I mean BIG!), is called Big Al for short.  His registerd name is Cabernet’s Alluvium Blanc.  His younger companion is Major Deal.  He’s much smaller (smaller than Stormy), but he bosses Big Al.Major 2

Stormy wasn’t excited about having buddies.  He really didn’t pay any attention to them except to stand on the rock pile and paw and make a little noise.  I think he just wanted Major to know that he ruled here and that he’d better not try to take charge!Zi6_0544

About a week after they got here, I saw Stormy & Major “fight”… it wasn’t really violet – just some neck swinging and bitting of the front legs.  Stormy won and now who’s in charge is no longer questionned.

However, Big Al continues to get dominated by Major.  Stormy really doesn’t bother with Al at all.  I have Major & Stormy eat in the catch pen and let Big Al stay out in the yard to eat.  Otherwise he doesn’t get to finish his bowl.. one of the other guys usually bullies him away from his dish.

We’re tempted to change Big Al’s name to “Hummer”.  He constantly hums! It’s not annoying or anything like that but just makes me wonder why he does it.  He’s big but he’s very gentle.. as a matter of fact, if he walks by me I can reach out and pet him and he doesn’t leap away.Big Al

Major has followed Stormy out of the main yard into the larger pasture on the hill but Big Al just stays behind – he doesn’t venture out at all.  Although he won’t follow his buddies out of the main yard, he does keep a constant eye out for them.

All Llamas

All three of these guys are a joy to keep!

They’re quiet, eat very little and are beautiful to watch with their graceful movements.  It’s too bad that they don’t let themselvesbe cuddled… they’re so soft and their eyes are huge and kind looking!

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