Neuturing your buck

I’m often asked which method I prefer.  I’ve used the scalpel method (not for the faint of heart), the Burdizzo & we had our Zebu “banded”.  Here’s my opinion of each one.

The first bucks I altered I used the Burdizzo.  My husband held each of the 2 bucks while I used the tool.  I found it very difficult to handle the tool itself not to mention listening to the little guy scream like a banshee!  Both bucks screamed until no more sound came out.

Although I followed the method to a “T”, a few weeks later I noticed that on one of the boys the sperm cord had not been severed therefore I had to do it again.  As careful as I was, I managed to put the tool on exactly the same location as the original clamping.  When I opened the Burdizzo, I had cut right through the skin!  It broke my heart and I put the tool away for good ($49 down the drain).  The little buck did fine but it broke my heart.

Earlier this spring we “banded” Ziggy our Zebu.  Some call this method inhumane but as I watched Ziggy, I don’t think he felt anything after an hour or so.  It took a long time for his sack to dry and fall but he had a really big set!

This past April after studying the scalpel method I castrated Tino.  It went well but the fellow helping me by holding Tino didn’t feel so good.  Since that day, Tim no longer feels comfortable around me with with a sharp instrument!

I found this method easy & fast but I worried about bleeding.  Tino did fine but he was very listless for a few days.

I’ll be purchasing a banding tool later today to take care of my little bucks before they get into trouble!  Bucks will be boys and I have plenty of little “girls” around to make them happy!  I’ll let you know how things go!

Below is a short video of my Pygmy bucks trying to breed Molly, my fainting goat.  They did succeed.. Molly is due July 12th!  Can’t wait to see the results!


Later this day I “banded” Ace.  I bought the necessary tool & rubber bands from L & J Farm Supply.  The procedure was very simple & I was able to do this by myself.

I started  by giving Ace a tetanus shot along with his CD & T booster.  I then held him on his back and gently put the band between his testicles & his belly and he didn’t even flinch (see details on methods on post below).

It’s been about 10 days now and his sack has started to shrink and shrivel.  He still hasn’t lost his “studness” and continues to exhibit the “Flehmen reaction”.  He’ll be happy to be back in the main pasture with all of his buddies.

I have another buck or two that will need to be banded but I need to wait until they’re a little older.

I recommend this method of sterilization to anyone raising goats.

Please share your experiences with me and my readers by either posting a comment or directly on my Forum.

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  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for posthing this article. I found it quite useful. I invoked the links to Whispering Willows Acres, however, and it isn’t working.

    • Christine says:

      Karen, thank you for bringing that to my attention. It’s too bad that that site is no longer up and running.. she had great pics! I did some searching to see if she had a different domain name (was formerly one of those Geocities “one size fits all websites”), & she’s not posted anywhere. Since I’ve written that post, I’ve banded many of my little bucks. It’s the best method & I strongly recommend it! I’ll make my own “step by step” instruction page later in the spring when all my does kid!

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