The Nursery

Spring has brought many little baby goats to the farm!  Actually the streak started Valentine’s day.  Here are the announcements!

02/14: Valentino & Valentina – Proud mom, Oreo

04/23: Ace – Proud mom, Bambi

04/30: Pepper – Proud mom, Cocoa

05/25: Gizmo – Proud mom, Chausette

06/11: Deuce – Proud mom, Brownie

06/14: Pee Wee & Herman – Proud mom, Boo

06/22: Sadie & Sammi – Proud mom, Blacky

06/24: Doe 1, Doe 2 & Buck 1 – Proud mom, Noel (yes, triplets!)

The only one left to kid is Molly the fainting goat.  She was pasture bred with Flip & Samson & is due mid- July.

Most of these babies are sold but if you’re interested in any, please contact me.  All does are $100 & bucks are $50 intact, $75 banded.  All will be vaccinated before leaving the farm.

I’ve got bunches of videos – please visit my YouTube site and post comments.  Below is Noel & triplets, only a few hours after birth.

Everyone is doing great although I had concerns with Boo’s little doe, Pee Wee.  She was and still is very small compared to all of the others.  Of course, her mom Boo is also very small & I was surprised to have her give birth to twins.  She’s much friendlier now that she has babies.  Pee Wee (black & white),  is okay now but you’d think she was a newborn – especially if you compare her to Noel’s triplets born yesterday… (see video above).

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2 Responses to The Nursery

  1. Oh gosh, the goats are so cute. I really like reading your blog and the subscription email updates sure are handy. You should definitely update more frequently.

    • Christine says:

      Hey CamelandFriends!
      Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll do my best to write more often.. sometimes difficult between full time job (VP Boogey, Inc.), farm, volunteer work and just enjoying life. But it’s nice to know that someone’s paying attention… Thank you!

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