Tank’s Story – the conclusion

Much has happened here since I posted last more than a month ago!  I’m not sure where to begin but I’ll try to remember all the important stuff.

I realized that acquiring Tank had been a mistake.  As much as I loved the big guy, I didn’t have the time to exercise him.  I put out a few ads to find him a good home.

I finally found a good home for Tank but at some point I thought the big guy would end up retiring here as a large (& expensive), lawn ornament!  In the 6 weeks or so that I owned him, I only rode him once and that was in a round pen.  He did fine but I was very careful.  I hadn’t ridden in over 10 years & I pretty much out of shape so I took it very slowly.  Tank was good and although he didn’t respond very well to the bit that I was using, he was a good ride.

Well, two ladies came to purchase him (2 separate occasions), and after being poked and prodded, he was saddled and ridden… about 3 feet.  He bucked & lunged and was immediately dismounted.  This happened with both riders and I was politely told that this horse needed A LOT of work.  Oh well.

Then Lori came by with her 14 year daughter who saddled Tank, mounted him and rode him like a pro!  She even rode him bareback and Tank was the perfect gentleman!

They took Tank home to Crossville and the last I heard, Tank is now ridden by Bree an 7 year old!  Here’s a quick video of Bree & Tank

So lets just say that Tank didn’t like the 2 ladies that came earlier – he either wanted to stay here or was waiting for the perfect home with Bree!

I’m very happy that he’s found a good home.  He was a great pony (I found out later that he was too small to be considered a horse), but needed more than what I was able to give him.  Don’t get me wrong, he loved being in the pasture all day and being groomed and loved on but I truly believe an animal such as this needs a purpose.  Now he has one and he works every day, as he should.

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2 Responses to Tank’s Story – the conclusion

  1. Sherry says:

    Seems like Tank is one smart fella.
    a horse with real Horse sense”

    • Christine says:

      I think animals get a feel for people immediately. He really didn’t want to go with those first two ladies that came to “check him out”!

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