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A few weeks ago my husband installed a “Forum” feature on this website.  I was very excited about this because I thought it would receive a lot of activity.  Early August I removed it because readers continued to “comment” on posts instead of using the forum.   Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy the fact that people consider my advice.  I’m just disappointed that no one used my “Forum”.   My daughter was kind enough to contribute but the forum didn’t receive any real activity.

I know that I needed to be patient!  We have a forum type option on our business’s website and it’s been a slow process although it’s been a few years that’s its been offered to the public.

I also know that on most forums, it appears to always be the same people that post & the same people that respond although the sites boast 100’s of members!programmer_012002189_tnb

I’m also a little leary of “Forums”.  I’ve seen many instances where people just seem to wait to read and respond negatively to a particular post.  It blows my mind to see that some people are so brave when there’s cyberspace between them and their “prey”!

I’ve actually been a “victim” to this sort of treatment.  When it happens you want to respond and justify your statement and this type of response  just encourages your attacker!   Once you react to it, you start a chain reaction that  brings most members out of the woodwork!  In my case, I didn’t even have to react – members just spoke out on my behalf!

Why are people so petty?  What is it with people that they just have to be mean and nasty behind their keyboard?  I’m sure that a lot of these folks are nice people in roadrage_tnbperson.  It’s like the guy that curses about all the drivers around him while in the privacy of his car.   I guess he gets crap off of his chest while in the safety of his vehicle.roadragelady_tnb

There is a “motto” that I try to follow all the time, no matter what I’d like to say and that is, IF YOU CAN’T SAY SOMETHING NICE, SAY NOTHING!

Don’t be that idiot hiding behind his keyboard being the big man because he can publicly try to humiliate the writer while maintaining anonymity.   Why choose to be the “bad guy” when you can be the helpful person?

This being said my friend, please continue to comment on my site.  If you have something to share, do so.  If you have something to sell, post it!  You never know who’s reading!

And to all of you that do write to me via the comments section, thank you and PLEASE… please follow up and let me know what happens!

Christine (aka) Crazy Goat Lady!

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  1. JamesD says:

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  2. Christine says:

    I only use CD&T & do a first shot at 4 weeks then every 4 weeks for 2 months (total 3 shots) then a yearly booster. This is assuming mom was current on her shots – If I “cut” a billy, I’ll give him a separate Tetanus shot just before.

  3. Lori says:

    Ikeep trying to get on your forum and it won’t let me I have registered twice with different emails. I liked your site better when I could just ask questions and you would answer. Would you answer a question here? What to give newborn kids for vaccinations? What about the Moms? I dewormed and CD and T’d Moms about 4 weeks b4 kidding Now just starting to kid. Thanks Christine

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