Ziggy becomes a “Steer”

Poor Ziggy… Thursday the 12th of February we brought him to Danny’s (L & J Farm Supply) where he underwent a minor procedure… well, minor for us – major for Ziggy!

We had Ziggy “banded”.   A heavy duty rubber band was applied between his belly and his testicles.  This band is then tightened to cut the blood circulation to the testes.  Eventually the “sac” will rot and just fall off.

The following pictures were taken with my husband’s Blackberry Storm – he had forgotten to bring his camera!  The first picture is Jonathan holding the contraption that fits the band over the “sac”.  Looks like something from a horror movie!!!!

Although this is said to be the most humane method for this procedure (no cutting or bleeding or danger of infection), Ziggy wasn’t too happy with this.  He kicked and pawed and rubbed his butt – just trying to get rid of this contraption!

Today he’s doing much better.  His appetites back but he’s pretty quiet.  You can tell he’s not comfortable – he walks a little stiffly but he’ll be fine.  He’ ll be a much better pet.

So far Ziggy hasn’t really shown any signs of “maleness” but last week when he met my 8 month old filly Toffee, he did the lip curling thing and seemed to find her rear end quite attractive.

Ziggy is pretty smart for just being a bull.  He doesn’t like to be penned up and a few times I’d let him have free roam in the main barn pasture.  Catching him to stall him in the evenings has always been an event.  He’ll go for a “trick” once but you’ll never catch him with the same trick twice!

I’m hoping once he’s all healed up he’ll come without having to be tricked!  The good thing is, once he’s on a lead, he follows like a puppy.  When we brought him to Danny’s he just hopped in the trailer and hopped back in to come back home.

Always something going on at the farm!

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