What happened to Boris?

We found a new home for my goofy camel, Boris.  I promise to write about him in the next few days but until I do, please read my husband’s blog about it.  It’s going to be hard to top off his rendition of Boris’ new residence!


By the way, that’s not Boris in the picture with me –  Scott Allen has 5 adult males so I’m not sure what this big guy’s name is.  Scott is right behind me on the phone!  Scott also has a few adult females and yearlings – and a pregnant cow who’s expected to birth any day now!

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4 Responses to What happened to Boris?

  1. FarmerPhoebe says:

    Hi Christine-

    I popped over to see what you’ve been up to ’cause I haven’t seen your cheery tweets in a while!

    So sorry to hear about you guys giving up Boris; I know how attached you both were. At the same time, it sounds as if you made the best decision for the good of the animal (and your sanity). I know it doesn’t make the sense of loss any easier (I had to give a dog I had adopted back to the pound and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done – next to saying good-bye to my mom, of course), but at least you know he’s in a place where he’ll have plenty to do and lots of camel company. (Do camels have a herd mentality like, say, horses?)

    I hope you and hubby are well otherwise. Hope to see you on Twitter soon. Spring is definitely in the air for us Northerners. What’s growing down your way?

    Take care,
    (aka FarmerPhoebe)

    • Christine says:

      Hey Lady!

      Good to hear from you! I have to stay away from Twitter & Facebook – I just get so caught up with it all that I don’t have time to do other things… I’m sure you know how that is. In Daytona for Bike Week (our real life business) and just missing being with all my critters. We get updates about Boris’ progress regularly and he’s just one of the “guys” now – I’ll post some new pics soon.

      I’m posting new stuff at this time – subscribe to my posts and you’ll always know what’s going on “at the farm”

      Keep smiling and remember to stay happy!


  2. Colleen Osborne says:

    Hello Christine,

    I was saddened to read on the Camelforum website you sold Boris. I certainly hope it had nothing to do with callous remarks made on the website. I wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed reading each one of your posts!! I sincerely hope you continue to check in and contribute.

    Take care.
    A friend in Iowa,
    Colleen (CoO)

    • Christine says:

      Coleen, thank you for your kind words! We sold Boris because it was a better situation for him at Pettit Creek Farm – I couldn’t provide what he needed here… starting with the mountainous terrain in Tennessee – not good for camels. It’s sad to know that there are adults that take pleasure in being nasty in writing – I doubt these guys would be “man” enough to say what they have to my face. A few of the uglier members have even posted very nasty remarks on my husbands blog about Boris – he now has to moderate the comments. Feel free to subscribe to my blog! Thanks again – I appreciate your kindness.

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