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There are many reasons why I’m “The Crazy Goat Lady”.  One of them is because of my favorite shopping place.  Is it Dillards?  Is it J.C.Penny? Is it Neiman Marcus?  Of course not…  It’s L & J Supply!

This is where I get all of my animal feed and any other farm necessities.  This business is owned and operated by Danny Hill of Spring City.danny

Danny has just about everything I need.  What’s even better is if he doesn’t have it, he knows where to get it and he gets it for me (he’ll get it for you too if you’re nice 🙂

danny-2Besides every kind of feed available for every kind of critter (he even has camel food!), he’s got all kinds of equipment, fencing material, farm supplies, tools, you name it, he’s got it (or will get it!).  He also carries a full line of animal medications, wormers, vaccinations… to much to name it all!

As you can tell from the picture on the left, Danny keeps a very organized office…

If having everything I need good enough, it gets better.  Danny is a wealth of information when it comes to animal care, USDA info and just knowing who knows what in the area.  If I’m looking for information that Danny doesn’t have, he knows who does and will just pick up the phone and make the call.

He also has a lovely wife Billynthia (hope I spelled that right) and two great kids (now what are their names???), one of them who’s looking forward to being able to come help at my farm!  I know he’s the youngest of theBilynthia and her Kindergarten class two and just loves animals as much as I do.  Billynthia (the lovely lady in the picture), invited us to show our animals at the Spring City Elementary School.

Of course Danny couldn’t do all of this if he didn’t have help.  Every afternoon you can be sure to find Jonathan Johnson on duty ready to load up whatever you bought.  Jonathan’s a great kid and if he didn’t work for Danny, I’d try to jonathanbribe him to get him to work for me!

I think it’s fair to warn all the young ladies that Jonathan has advised me that he’s been “hitched” for 3 years so don’t be calling Danny to flirt with Jonathan.. it’s not going to happen!

L& J has been at their current location at 838 Trentham for the past 3 years but Danny’s been around in the industry much longer.  He used to own the Penine feed store which he started in about 1985.

You can find Danny at his store weekdays from 2 to 6 and Saturdays from 8 to 12.  His number is (423) 365-4931  If he’s not there he’s out tending his cattle (that’s what he does for fun).  I know he’s got plenty of them!

Make sure you check out his prices before shopping anywhere else for you farm needs and tell him the Crazy Goat Lady sent you!

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