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Goat Birthing Signs

What signs should you look for when you think your doe is about to give birth?  Some breeders know exactly when to expect kids because of a strict breeding regimen and then they mark off the days on the calendar.   … Continue reading

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L & J Supply

There are many reasons why I’m “The Crazy Goat Lady”.  One of them is because of my favorite shopping place.  Is it Dillards?  Is it J.C.Penny? Is it Neiman Marcus?  Of course not…  It’s L & J Supply! This is … Continue reading

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Critter Update

Looks like I haven’t kept up to date lately… well, here’s what’s going on these days… Boris He’s a really good camel but he’s bored because he doesn’t have a job or things to do besides chase smaller animals an … Continue reading

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Rocky 08/15/2005 to 01/08/2009

I put off writing this post as long as I could – I wanted to start with a sad beginning and end with a very happy ending.  That wasn’t meant to be. We had to have Rocky euthanized today.  It … Continue reading

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