Ziggy’s progress


Ziggy was not a happy camper when he got here.   Not that he was not wild or anything like that but he just wasn’t comfortable with people.

With love and patience, I got him to let me pet him while he eats.  Eventually he let me touch him everywhere but every so often he’d get nervous and just jump away from me.

Love, patience and a supply of treats will win over any animal – take my word for it!

ziggy-2Well, yesterday I dared to put a halter on him.  It wasn’t all that hard – again I used the old treat in the hand trick!  I was able to lead him out of his stall and walk him around in the larger pasture.  He wasn’t too sure of himself but I eventually led him to the paster where the mini donkeys & mini horses hang out.  He seemed happy to be around animals his size.

I brought him back to his stall, tied him up and brushed him for about 20 minutes.   He thoroughly enjoyed that.

I’m happy with the progress I’ve made.  Ziggy will come to me for treats and have his chin scratched.  I’m sure he’ll be a hit with the kids next time we have a showing!

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