One more bunny, or more?

Yesterday I went to pick up a buddy for my little Lion Head doe, “Fuzzy”.  The breeder didn’t have any young Lion Head does so I settled for a young  beautiful Lop Ear brownish gray doe.fuzzy

floppyUpon introducing “Floppy” to my little Fuzzy, it was obvious that Fuzzy had other things on her/his mind.  Yep, didn’t check out Fuzzy (wasn’t important when I bought it), and she turned out to be a “he”.

Needless to say, he’s VERY happy for the company!  In about a month I’ll be boasting about my Flop Heads (my definition of this new breed)!  I’ll also be shopping for another cage for Fuzzy – he can’t stick around when the babies arrive!

It’s not an easy task taking pictures of animals!

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