Kid’s life!

Here I am with updates on the “kids”!

gracieGracie (the first born), is doing fine, as a matter of fact she is so tame & friendly!  I think that having her be part of the group that I used at the petting farm at the Dayton Christmas parade helped her to be that way.   I swear, she is so darn precious that I have to hold back and not bring her to the house.  She is absolutely adorable!

nutmegThe second to arrive was Nutmeg – she’s from Brownie and this little nanny  isn’t too friendly.  Not that she’s a butthead but she doesn’t come to people and her kid will be just like her if I don’t work with her.  Nutmeg will be part of the crew for the Spring City Christmas parade.

Noel had twins, Chilly & Willy.  When I found them, Willy was up and running but Chilly was laying in the wet hay, out of the barn and shivering to death!  I brought her in, held her to my cheschillyt in my coat and after a while laid her under the heat lamp.  She & Willie are doing fine!  As a matter of fact, the little guy is already trying to “hump” his little playmates.. and he’s only 12 days old!

Here’s a picture of Chilly – Willy is camera shy, you can see his little ear on her left! He thinks I can’t see him in there!

When Chilly was less than a week old, I found her one more time soaked to the bone!  This inquisitive little creature had found a way to land in the water bucket.  Granted the bucket is heated to prevent freezing but that doesn’t make the water any warmer!  I quickly put her under the heat lamp but she wouldn’t have it… She ran right back to mama!

Chausette lost her little buck.  I found him in the hay (Dec 1)… she had cleaned him up but it had failed to warm him and he died most likely of chills.

Oreo is the only nanny left to kid but she’s nowhere near kidding.  I thought I had her bred in July with the others but after checking my records, I realized that she wasn’t ready at that time so she was bred later – maybe as late as September which would bring her kidding date to next February.  I’ll keep an eye on her & keep you posted!

This experience with cold weather birthing has made me reconsider times to breed.  I’ll make sure from now on that kids are due only between April & October.   It broke my heart to find that little one laying limp on the hay – I’m sure if I’d come to the barn 20 minutes sooner, he’d be alive today.

Here are all the pics I took today!

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  1. Karyne says:

    Those little kids are so cute! We really like Nutmeg. Her markings are so unique!

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