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My favorite time of the year is coming up in the next few weeks!  What’s that you ask?  Well kidding time of course!

On the list are my 3 Fainting does.  If not sold by then, I’m expecting all 3 of them to kid between the end of November to mid-December.  It’s always a surprise to see what color they “pop” out!

Also on the list are my Pygmys.  Noel, Chausette, Oreo & Brownie who were all bred to Charlie, a new buck than just stuck around until he got all the ladies pregnant, are also due at about the same time.

A sad thing happened yesterday, Blackie aborted sometime between yesterday and the day before.  We couldn’t find the baby anywhere (goats are free to roam in the fields during the day).  We could tell this happened because she was expelling the afterbirth when we rounded them up for dinner.  She still had at least 4 weeks to go so we’re sure the baby was dead at birth.

In a way I was expecting this to happen because Blackie had had “Pinkeye” about a month ago and lately had started to have vaginal secretions.  Occasionally, after effects (or dormant causes), of Pinkeye is a disease called Chlamydia which is usually indicates impending abortion if the doe is pregnant.

Pinkeye is a nasty contagious disease that usually spreads pretty quickly among the herd.  Luckily I caught it quickly.  Blackie was the second (and last), to get it.  Goldie the fainter got it first but I believe she’ll bring her kid to term as she’s not showing any signs of vaginal secretions.

I was very sad but death is part of life and nature has a way of taking care of its weakest ones on it’s own. Blackie was fine… just eating as usual!

I’ll keep you posted as the kids come along!

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