The Myotonic Studs… Buster & Gonzo

I don’t think I’ve formally introduced our studs, Buster & Gonzo. Gonzo’s (the smaller, darker red of the two), has been with us since last December and was a year old March 19th of this year. He’s a little shy but will eat out of my hands if he’s hungry enough!

He’s been an excellent stud – produced 3 doelings this year. Unfortuneatly the “fainting gene” is carried by the mother and his twin does didn’t faint. They and their mother were sold as pets and are happily grazing a few miles from here.

Buster is another story… He’s also from Butthead Farms and was bottle raised by Sue. I wanted to purchase him last year but at that time we was not available. Sue & Ken had a change of mind & he was offered to me about a month ago. He’s an adorable but stinky big buck! He turned 2 this past May and is much larger than Gonzo. He’s also much, much friendlier! Sometimes too friendly! When I go in their pasture to feed them, he just loves to rub and me and leave his trademark signature – the worse goat smell I’ve ever smelled! He’s also an excellent fainter.

Strange about his smell because he doesn’t spray himself… his front legs are clean and so is his beard – it’s just the aura around him that’s like a cloud of goat stink! He’s a ladies man and I do beleive he’s attempted to breed all of them – even those that we already pregnant. Poor Gonzo – he just stood and watched!

They now share the bachelor pad with another stud – Cricket the Pygmy Goat. They all get along nicely and enjoy the company of Pica & Skye, the Great Pyrenees.

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