Common Courtesy, a lost virtue?

Some people have no common courtesy! What ever happened to being thoughtful and respectful?

I’ve got a few ads out on the internet on various sites for the goats that I have for sale. Last Wednesday a lady from Chattanooga that I’ll call Brigitte, well that’s her real name – maybe she’ll recognize herself, called and inquired about purchasing a goat as a pet. She knew absolutely nothing about goat husbandry and I spent a good 30 minutes on the phone educating her about the care of goats. In the end she decided to purchase my two little wethered Pygmy goat brothers and would come by Saturday around 5pm to pick them up.

I told her I had someone else interested in them & I couldn’t hold them for her because I didn’t have a deposit on them but I’d call her if they were sold before she was able to come. She mentioned that she understood my position because she had Chinchillas for sale and also dealt with phone calls and purchases and so on and so forth.

Saturday mid afternoon I was nowhere near home & I called her to find out if she knew about what time she’d be by because I wanted to make sure I’d be here. I actually started by telling her, “I don’t know if you’re still interested in picking up the little goats but if you are, I need to know what time you’ll be by.” She replied that she absolutely was and that she was hoping to get off work at 4:00pm and she’d be leaving home within the hour after that. She also said she’d call before leaving so I’d know when to expect her.

Hubby & I were in Knoxville so we made our way home to be here. Had we not been expecting her, we’d have shopped longer and maybe would have gone to the movies but I had made a commitment to this lady. So we hurried home and waited for her to call. And waited. And waited. She never called. What’s up with that? If she didn’t want them anymore she just had to call and say so! Some people are just plain rude!

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