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Meet Ms. Piggy!

Last week I got a call from a guy looking for a home for little Pot Belly Pig he purchased at the flea market. This little girl was home raised and had never set foot in a barn! When I saw her tied with a 3 foot long wire to a post in a very…

Spring City Elementary Petting Zoo

Here are the pictures and videos from today’s petting zoo at Spring City Elementary. Many thanks to Bilynthea and Danny Hill for arranging this. Here’s a collection of just the photos. Click each picture to move to the next picture.

Rhea County Fair

We set up a small petting zoo at the Rhea County Fair. Scott took several photos and videos. Check them out at his web site.

Gonzo, Faint for the Crowd

Gonzo is one of our two registered Tennessee Fainting Goat billys. He’s available for stud service at our place, not yours. Listen when he’s on his back and you’ll hear him fart.